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A Few of My Favorite Things…

Jon —  December 10, 2011 — Leave a comment

A few days ago Chris posted his geeky wishlist so I figured that I would post mine as well. Here it is for your enjoyment:

Blue Microphone Yeti Pro. This guy does it all. With both USB and XLR hookups, 4 polar patterns to choose from, 24bit recording (4x better quality than CD) and an on-board headphone jack for zero latency monitoring, this could be the perfect podcasting mic.

And if you want the best sounding of podcasts you need to run XLR into an interface like this one. The Presonus Audiobox 22VSL is a champ for on the go recording. All the power is supplied through the USB bus, plus it comes with Presonus’ Studio One recording software so you can say goodbye to Audacity (I actually love Audacity for what it is).

In my opinion Timbuk2 makes the most amazing backpacks in the world. Rugged, spacious for their size, and fabulous for commuting, their packs outstrip the competition. Here is one of their latest models called the Q.

Give your iPhone the credentials it deserves! With one of these covers you can choose between Engineering (red, not shown), Science (blue), or Commanding Officer (yellow). Though it looks great I don’t think I will be “red-shirting” my iPhone.

Hope you all have a wonderfully geeky Christmas. December/January is gonna rock here in Charlotte- Christmas followed by YSpalooza. Can’t wait!


I saw over on Doug Fields’ blog, that his podcast returns today.  It’s now called the YouthMinistryGarage and the new site launches at 5:30 PM EST.  I’m so excited the crew is back.  I got to see a little bit of the first episode and it’s the return of everything I loved from the version we did over at Simply, and I’m so glad that YS is powering the show now to help keep it going.

Here’s a little video tease of the opening:

I can’t wait to watch it again.  If you’ve never watched before this is a great time to check it out.

I’ve been involved in a project to provide free Youth Ministry resources online at for a while now.  We thought about doing a training podcast for a while, but wanted to make sure that we were adding something worthwhile rather than just creating more work for ourselves.  After consuming a lot of podcasts, I realized that what I wanted was a periodic training/idea podcast that was short and to the point.  That is where the idea for 10-minute Training (itunes link) began.

Each episode is an interview with a talented youth minister about a specific topic covering everything from having hard conversations to indoor game idea roundups.  Every episode then concludes with a resource recommendation from the guest.  All in about 10 minutes.

I love and listen to tons of long-format podcasts like the SYM podcast (iTunes link), but know very few people who are both entertaining enough to listen to for that long and experienced/talented enough to have that much quality content (Doug and the gang are some of the few in youth ministry).  The point of the podcast is to get you some usable information or idea as quickly as possible, or as the tagline suggests… we get to the point so you get the training. Check it out by going to the website or subscribing via iTunes.

New Site:

Chris —  July 2, 2009 — Leave a comment

I don’t know about you, but I love gadgets.  And a great new site launched this week just for all of us who share that love of shiny, electronic toys.  It’s from Peter Rojas and Ryan Block, two of the masterminds behind engadget and gizmodo, so they know something about gadgets.  It’s called (it’s pronounced g-d-g-t), and it’s setup as community site for people to share about their gadgets or research about new ones.

Here’s a video they put together to help explain the site:

So, what is gdgt? from gdgt on Vimeo.

This may not be a place to read about news (although they had a pretty good news feed) , but it’s a great place to read about what others experiences have been.  And if you really want the news, they have a great podcast also that I really enjoy.  It’s worth checking out (click the iTunes link to visit): - gdgt weekly - gdgt weekly.

Bill Gates at TED

Chris —  February 6, 2009 — Leave a comment

I think the stuff that comes out of the TED conference is some of the best on the net.  If you’re not familiar with TED it’s a conference and the name stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design.  The talks are diverse and I almost always find them fascinating.  One of the best parts is they are almost all around 20 minutes, so you can get through one quickly.

This years TED conference is going on right now and here’s the talk Bill Gates gave.  The title is How I’m Trying to Change the World Now. It’s worth a watch:

If you liked it I recommend subscribing to their podcast (link opens iTunes).  Or if you’re an iPhone user they have an app too.