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QuickTip: Know Everything with Monkeysee

Youth ministries have a bad reputation for being underfunded and understaffed because they often are.  That probably translates into you needing to do everything from fix the hole in the wall that happened during a wild game of pin the pool stick on the Jr Higher last...

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Quick Tip: Use Spotlight (Mac)

For long-term mac users, this may seem ridiculous. For those converts from the PC universe, be prepared to have your world rocked.  Spotlight is Apple's search feature built into OSX, and if you've converted from a PC throw all ideas about how search on large file...

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Share Tasks with Remember the Milk

I, like many in our field, have ADD. That makes assigning, completing and following up on tasks an adventure with our team. It is common for us to be in a car on the way to Starbucks or walking down the hall when we remember an essential task we need to do, or we need...

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Quick Tip: Find What You Are Looking For

Have you ever remembered reading something in one of your books, and maybe even remembered which book, but had no idea which of the couple hundred pages housed the beloved content?  Don't try the index or thumbing through the pages, simply go to books.google.com....

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Quick Tip: Find Alternative Applications

Have you ever needed to get something accomplished, known the application you needed, but been short of the cash needed to buy said necessary app?  Lament no longer, AlternativeTo is here!  A quick surf over to the simple website gives you more options than you need....

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Quick Tip: Turn Your Macbook into a Kindle For Free

Ever have a long document and wish you could simply turn your macbook on its side and use it like a kindle to read the book/document? All you need is to download the Display Rotation Menu from Mage Software.  It adds a menu bar item that allows you to rotate your Mac...

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Quick Tip: Download Youtube Easily

This is not the first time we have talked about this subject.  Brandon wrote an excellent article on it.  There are several tools, but none quite as easy as pwnyoutube.com.  It does not require you to download any software or even copy a url.  Simply add "pwn" before...

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Quick Tip: Google Text Message Translation, etc.

Did you know you can text message Google for translations, flight status, addresses, stocks, movies, directions, math, and a lot more? You simply send a properly formatted text message to 46645 and it replies almost instantly with the info you requested. By properly...

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