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March 10, 2009

Did you know you can text message Google for translations, flight status, addresses, stocks, movies, directions, math, and a lot more? You simply send a properly formatted text message to 46645 and it replies almost instantly with the info you requested. By properly formatted I mean generally you start with a command and then type the information you need. One of my favorite command is translation. Take a look at how that works:

I texted:
“Translate English to Spanish: I love you”

and it replied with:
‘i love you’ in English means ‘te amo’ in Spanish.”

Pretty great! And super handy!  For a list of commands and other information you can click here, but that list is by no means exhaustive.   Just by playing with it I have discovered that it will do simple math like: “(2+2+8+4)/4” returns the answer of 4.  Leave a comment for other “unlisted” commands you know or discover!


  1. Andrew Rothacker

    I use this for movies and sports scores all the time! Type in the name of the movie and your zip, and it will list the show-times for the 3 nearest movie theaters. My favorite is the reverse phone book: type in a ten digit number and if it can find a listing it texts you right back! It’s great when you are sure it’s a protective parent, but unsure which one.

  2. Dave

    you should check out cha cha if you already don’t. Text a question to shortcode 242242 and a real person will answer your question. Standard text rates apply, but other than that it is free…and pretty sweet.



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