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July 2, 2009

I don’t know about you, but I love gadgets.  And a great new site launched this week just for all of us who share that love of shiny, electronic toys.  It’s from Peter Rojas and Ryan Block, two of the masterminds behind engadget and gizmodo, so they know something about gadgets.  It’s called (it’s pronounced g-d-g-t), and it’s setup as community site for people to share about their gadgets or research about new ones.

Here’s a video they put together to help explain the site:

So, what is gdgt? from gdgt on Vimeo.

This may not be a place to read about news (although they had a pretty good news feed) , but it’s a great place to read about what others experiences have been.  And if you really want the news, they have a great podcast also that I really enjoy.  It’s worth checking out (click the iTunes link to visit): - gdgt weekly - gdgt weekly.

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  1. Luke

    I was looking at this site yesterday, and I think it’ll emerge as a good gadget community and research resource. But their are quite a few hiccups still. I clicked a link from the page about our TV and it took me to a portable air conditioner. Every gadget I visited had similar odd connections.


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