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is something almost every youthworker who plays games on their computer.

What is it you ask?

is a visual scoreboard that projects onto your screen.  I’ve tried it out, and it’s super easy to use.  The first thing you do is setup your team names.  You are limited to just two teams but for most games I think that’s enough.  You can also setup how points are awarded for each “+” you award.  It also has a timer built in that you can set to go up or down.

Setup screen:

After setting up how you want your score to work, you can pick your theme.  Five are included and they all look nice and are diverse to apply to many different gaming situations.  The included themes are 1. Chalkboard theme that looks like is sounds, hand written chalk on a blackboard, 2. LED that looks like an 80’s digital watch, 3. Marquee that has a movie theater feel, 4. Modern has a clean slick look, and 5. Wallpaper has an artsy look that put the scores in picture frames.  Additional themes are available for purchase in the app.

Theme setup:

Now you’re ready to play.  The actual play screen is really easy to use. There’s are buttons to add or subtract points to each team.  The teams can even go into negative territory if you need it to.  You can also start and stop the countdown and show the winner. The actual scoreboard is projected onto your screen so your audience only sees scoreboard so they can cheer for their team.

Play Screen:

I just love this app, and I think you will too. It’s another great resource from

Here’s their description:

Have you ever wanted to play a game with your youth group WITHOUT using your chalk board to keep score? Well, now you can! Score Keep lets you keep track of points in style. Choose your theme, name your game, name your teams, set a timer (if you want) and let the competition begin! Now, what to do with all that chalk you bought in bulk…

Product Features

  • Mac and PC
    All Gameshows are standalone cross platform (Mac and PC) AIR applications. Adobe AIR is included in the installation. System requirements can be found on Adobe’s site.
  • Easy to Edit, Easy to Play
    You choose a theme, name your game and your teams, set a timer (optional), set your point value and whether high or low score wins. Control the game on one screen and play with the crowd on another.
  • SD or HD (720p)
    Works with any second display (TV, projector, monitor). Requires second display up to 720p resolution for fullscreen output. Automatically adjusts to any screen ratio and resolution. It just works!
  • Themes
    We don’t want to hold you back with one boring background so we’ve created custom themes to enhance your competitive experience. Just choose the theme that best compliments your game and let the competition begin!
  • Save and Share Games
    Share your game ideas and files with your friends. Edit your game ahead of time during the week. Be sure to check out our Community Exchange to share your ideas and files with others.

Jump over to to pick it up or download the trial.

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Happy Friday.

Happy Friday!

I must admit, I’m an Angry Birds fan.  On my phone I have the Original, the Holiday and the Rio version.  I even have it on my android device i use for testing sites.  So when I saw this article, Angry Birds hits Chrome Web Store (yes, it’s free), over on 9to5mac I had to try it out.

First you need to download and install the Chrome web browser. You really should do this anyway, it’s my browser of choice. It’s so much faster than Firefox, and I have never been a huge Safari fan.  Did I mention it’s also free. Once you have Chrome installed you can access the Chrome Web App store (you need to log in with your Google account before you can purchase anything).  Next jump to the Angry Birds page and install it.  Now it will be available in your browser so you can waste time when ever you want.  They even have bonus levels just for Chrome users.

And it you’re wondering, the game play is pretty good.

Bonus, the band Pomplamoose covered the Angry Birds theme song, Enjoy!

Friday Fun: Nu Thang

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I saw this on Facebook last night (thanks Trevor), and I couldn’t believe it.  It’s wrong on so many levels. I’m really surprised Christians were aloud to do television production back then.

I’d love to see the where are they now.

I heard about this app on the last episode of MacBreak Weekly, it was Andy Ihnatko’s pick of the week.  It’s called Presentation Clock and it’s just a super simple speaker timer for your iphone or ipad. I don’t know about you, but I always have trouble keeping on time when speaking, and I’ve tried to use the clock on my phone, but when it’s on the podium sometimes it’s had for me to see when I’m walking around the stage.  The thing I love about this app is that it changes colors as you get closer to your time being up.  Just that visual should help me a lot.

Here’s what the developer says on his site:

This app does one thing but it does it extremely well. If you give presentations, training, tutorials, or speak publicly, this app is for you. Beautifully animated, with large, easy to read numbers that change colors at thresholds you determine. When the timer hits 0:00, the colors invert (black on red) and continue counting up indicating how long you’ve gone over. Fully customizable options and simple touch controls

  • Create and save as many timers as you want from 0min to 99 min 59 sec
  • Set time limits for color warnings to change the clock to green, yellow and red
  • Timers can be configured to give audible and/or vibration alerts when crossing a time limit threshold — but if you want a completely silent countdown, thats ok too :)

The best part, is it’s only .99 cents, and the reviews are great.  Totally worth it in my book.

Presentation Clock - Shawn Welch

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Every month gives away a free audio book.  This month the book is The Next Story: Life and Faith after the Digital Explosion by Tim Challies.  It’s about our ever connected culture and it’s effect on our spiritual lives.  Here’s the description from the site:

Even the least technical among us are being pressed from all sides by advances in digital technology. We rely upon computers, cell phones, and the Internet for communication, commerce, and entertainment. Yet even though we live in this “instant message” culture, many of us feel disconnected, and we question if all this technology is really good for our souls.

In a manner that’s accessible, thoughtful, and biblical, author Tim Challies addresses questions such as:
• How has life—and faith—changed now that everyone is available all the time through mobile phones?
• How does our constant connection to these digital devices affect our families and our church communities?
• What does it mean that almost two billion humans are connected by the Internet … with hundreds of millions more coming online each year?

Providing the reader with a framework they can apply to any technology, Tim Challies explains how and why our society has become reliant on digital technology, what it means for our lives, and how it impacts the Christian faith.

I haven’t started it yet, but it sounds like it should be an interesting listen.  As someone who surrounds himself with technology, I’m interested to see what Challies has to say.

And if you have never tried an audio book I high recommend it.  I love listening to them in the car, at the gym, doing yardwork, or just about anywhere else.  I don’t always have time to read as much as I would like, and audio books help me multitask.

Check it out, I’d love to hear what you think.

Bill Hybles challenged me to “Read for 30 minutes a day.” Well, I was in the room when we said that and it challenged me. Reading helps me be a better thinker, reading challenges my position with other’s thoughts, reading get’s me away from TV, and “I don’t know what I don’t know.” A professor once said, “you need to read a lot and read from experts in the field, they ask questions you never thought to ask and give you answers you never knew you didn’t know.” I probably do not have to convince you that reading is a good thing. I actually do not enjoy “sitting down with a good book,” I have to make this happen in my life. Here are a few tech resources that help reading become less painful for me.

Twitter: Spending 30 minutes reading tweets really does not count but sometimes you get a good nugget to chew on. I am a fan of TweetDeck and Hootsuite.

Books: I stick with Kindle because that is where I started my ebooks collection and I can read them on any of my devices. If you have Kindle books then all your notes and highlights are stored here. Chime in below with your favorite features from your Kindle, Nook, iBook, or other eReader.

Articles: I love downloading and reading PDF files with iAnnotate PDF. If you have an iPad and read a lot of PDF documents this app is more than a reader. Click the link and look at it’s features. It is kind of pricey at $9.99 but this app is outstanding!

News: I rarely pick up a news paper, in fact most of my news come when my favorite TV program is interrupted by a breaking news. If I am looking for news I get it from an app on my iPad like Fox News, CNN, USA Today or apps like Zite, Flipboard, and Pulse News that download news and blog feeds.

Blogs: Google Reader is my favorite feed reader for collecting and reading a lot of blogs (the “J” and “K” keys are your friend!) But if you want to take notes and send them to friends try Awesome Highlighter (It is currently down, but keep checking the link…it’s a cool free tool). And I am currently going crazy with Instapaper, it takes away the clutter and stores your tagged posts for reading later. Create a free account and if you want to go the extra mile check out the app, it isn’t free but it is wroth the expense. Zite, Flipboard, and Pulse News apps have an Instapaper button, sending stories to your account for some follow-up or later reading.


I loved this. Happy Friday Everyone. Enjoy.

It was only a matter of time before someone did this.

I can’t wait for this thing to be over.