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October 6, 2010

Today Facebook held an event where they announced a update to their current group structure.  Looks like it will make it much easier to use. Creating groups, adding people to the group, privacy, all are getting upgrades.  The biggest improvement that I see it to chat.  I think it could be a great improvement for people using it in ministry.  I could totally see a small group creating a closed group and using the chat.

But don’t go looking for it yet, it will be rolling out over the next few weeks.

(Image from TechCrunch)

Read the whole story over on TechCrunch.com.


  1. Adam Lehman

    I’m using facebook groups for just that!

  2. Matthew Penn

    Wait a second…so what do we call the “groups” that used to exist? I love facebook, but from a communications tool perspective, it is starting to become a little cluttered and confusing. I think it’s influence will start to wane. But I’m also old (almost 40) — and can be wrong! 🙂


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