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June 12, 2013

Almost everyone I know uses cloud storage now for making sure they have files on all their devices, sharing docs between friends and co-works, or backing up.  Dropbox is great, but the free 2 GBs isn’t enough for most people.  I just found a new options that is giving 10x that for a limited time:

Click here to sign-up, install the app and enjoy 20 GBs of free space. (The standard account is only 15, but this Friend link, will get us both the bonus 5 GBs.)

How it works:


  1. doughboyvs

    Thanks… I have been thinking about doing this. Now it is done!

  2. Ben

    I personally have been using for a while now and I am totally hooked! They offer much better features than than most other cloud storage providers. Goodbye dropbox…

    For a limited time, if you use the following link to sign up for, you get free 20GB of cloud storage with them!:

  3. Happy Ben

    Or you could use my very special link 🙂 It is as good as every other referral link out there since it gives you 5GB extra storage (so you get 20 GB). BUT it was created with love and you will make me very happy.

    With this link you get 20 GB cloud storage, so you (and me too) gain 5 GB extra compared to the default registration. Thx.

  4. Andrew

    Thanks Chris! this was awesome! I’ve been starting to sweat under my 2 GB under Dropbox.
    Enjoy your extra 5GB
    Andrew K


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