What was Your First Tweet? – Youth Group Game Idea

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March 20, 2014

Twitter released a new tool to easily find out what your first tweet was.

Here’s mine:


(Evidently I wasn’t big into capitalization.)

[wc_button type=”primary” url=”https://discover.twitter.com/first-tweet” title=”Visit Site” target=”blank” position=”float”]Check out the your first tweet![/wc_button]

Youth Game Idea:

If you have a lot of students who use twitter, you might be able to make a youth group game out of it.  You could look up student’s or staff’s first tweet before youth group so you know what it is.  Then bring them up on stage and see how good they are at remembering what their first tweet was.  You could even make it multiple choice.  “Was your first tweet about a) Food, b) Your Parents, or C) Homework.” You might also let the group try to decide what the first tweet was about.  Then put in the user name with the tool up on the screen so everyone can see.  Even better might be to make up some fake ones.  You won’t be able to use the tool live then of course, but it could be lots of fun.

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