Weekend Worship Review #4

November 9, 2012

This week we began a new series called, All Out War. It’s a Doug Fields/Simply “Super Series”. I was going to add a link, but Simply’s link was broken.


There are a couple of reasons I love the Super Series so much. The first is that they come with 6 multimedia games that are ready the go in the hopper. If you have ever taken the time to try and create a multimedia game you understand how much of a time drain that can be. Secondly, most of them come with a stellar graphics pack and a motion background.Here are a couple additions we made to the Simply stuff:


1. Topic Teaser Video

Here is a “topic teaser” video we made using the motion background from Simply. We will play this teaser each week before the sermon.

2. Battles

Normally our services include a time for discussion of the topic. We have removed that segment for this series and included a “Battle” each week. This week the Battle was Joust from American gladiators. We played “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” while 2 contestants fought it out over 5 rounds. Here is the graphic we created for Joust:



I would highly recommend purchasing the All Out War series for your student ministry! If you would like to see a full cue sheet from this past Sunday you can download it below:

All Out War #1 Cue Sheet

If you have any comments/questions I would love to answer them in the comments section below.



  1. Matt Smith

    Hey Jon! Cool video on All out War! I’ve been looking for an app/website that I can ad wording and making it move around like you did in that video. I’m not familiar with Simply, but that sounds like it’s just for moving backgrounds. What app did you use to make it? Thanks for all the resources you freely pass out. Blessings on your week!

    • Jon

      Hey Matt,

      To answer your question, this video was edited in Adobe After Effects. It’s a very sophisticated digital effects program. The moving background came as a part of a Sermon Series from Simply Youth Ministry. SYM is a huge YM resource group owned by Group Publishing. The All Out War series cost around $40 and included 6 sermon outlines, PowerPoint games, a graphics pack, motion BG, and more. We just took the motion BG, imported it into After Effects, and threw the moving words and images over it, and then added the soundtrack underneath. The soundtrack actually came from http://www.freestockmusic.com. I use that site frequently!

      For something a little more low budget you can use Windows Movie Make Live, or iMovie. I will try to throw a screencast up later showing you how to do that.


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