iPrizeWheel for iPad App Review and CONTEST

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April 5, 2012

I’ve blogged before about a great prize wheel for your computer (Spin That Wheel), but I just found one that just as good (and cheaper) to use on the iPad.  It’s called iPrizeWheel and it’s great fun.  It’s a customizable prize wheel that you can setup and run right from your iPad.  And using the mirroring function in iOS you can send it right to your TV for a larger screen experience.  The basic version gives you the choice of 16 or 24 spots on the wheel that you can put type in your own prizes.  It only costs $4.99 and you can upgrade in app to a premium version that gives you even more options. Learn more and see screen shots on iTunes.

Here’s video that shows how it works:

Here’s the contest part, the folks over at iPrizeWheel have given me 3 copies to give away to the YouthMinistryGeeks out there.  If you’d like to win a copy, in the comments tell us an idea to use the app in your ministry. On Wed April 11th, 2012 we’ll pick 3 to win copies of the basic version of iPrizeWheel plus we’ll post all the ideas for using it in your ministry.

Get iPrizeWheel on iTunes now:

iPrizeWheel HD - NRT Media, Inc.


  1. Kyle Nieman

    My students enjoy the gross games I come up with. So maybe instead of making it a prize wheel I could make it a wheel to determine what disgusting topping the get on their peanut butter sandwich. Sauerkraut? Sardines? The sky’s the limit! Then again I could use it as a normal prize wheel to determine what cool prize they get for winning the weekly game. Either way it would be fun to use!

  2. Paul Byford

    Kyle, I was thinking along that those lines as well. We’ve done “Blend-O-Ramas” and this would work perfectly.

    I was also thinking it would be neat to use to pick the next weeks topic of study. A different student could spin each week. Everyone would know what the lesson is going to be about the next week. Maybe that would jump start some conversations during the week before.

  3. Jake Manne

    In youth ministry, we could use this wheel for everything. Games, prizes, determining peoples salvation.

  4. Jason Sansbury

    We go out after church to eat sometimes. The biggest fight: where to go. I’d load the wheel with restaurants and let it decide. It would bring peace and harmony to our group.


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