Facebook Fast — Are You In?

August 23, 2010

Could you survive a day without Facebook?  I just read an article over on YouthMinistry.com about pastors in Houston that are challenging their congregation and Christians everywhere to fast from the service for one day, August 25th.

Imagine one day if everyone would turn off their cell phones, iPads or laptops; refrain from texting, emailing, tweeting or even chatting on Facebook and intentionally get face-to-face in their relationships. That’s what thousands will be doing during the National Facebook Fast on Wednesday, August 25th. We’re not bashing technology; we’re just challenging you to take one day and set it aside and to be intentional about the relationships in your life. For one day we’re getting back to the basics and we’re inviting you to do the same.

In this age where electronic forms of communication bring people together more than ever before it’s important to remember sometime they get in the way of us connecting with the people in real life.

If you want more info about the fast jump over to Facebook Fast | youthministry.com.


  1. Michael Halbrook

    Lame attempt at being relevant, or trying to be. I’m on Facebook alot and I interact with people one-on-one in person a lot.

  2. Rick


  3. Adam

    I can understand doing this on a personal basis, but seems like a waste of time and effort to get a whole group onboard. Most people I know take periodic “fasts” from tech of all kinds anyway.


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