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January 23, 2010

I’ve seen many little utilities/preference panes I could install that would show me extra details on memory usage, cpu temeprature, hard disk availability, and everything else under the sun. iStatMenus puts it all into one nice package and displays all of them in your menubar. Though it has far more that would be interesting to get into here, here’s a list of what I like best about it:

  1. You can view multiple CPU cores as one item or multiple graphs.
  2. The memory usage meter will display your top five processes.
  3. HD USage will monitor your mobile me space as well.
  4. Network drop down shows peak as well as current bandwidth.
  5. Every sensor from temperature to exhaust fans is available for monitoring.
  6. The best date and time display.  It drops down a full month calendar with user defined alternate times as well.
  7. Every item is configured via one preference pane in system preferences.

The best part?  It’s free!!  So, if you need to monitor your stats or just change your date and time display to a more helpful configuration, go to and download iStatMenus.  Available for Macs only.


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