I Love DropBox

October 1, 2009


I’ve mentioned DropBox before as a replacement for iDisk, but recently I’ve been reminded about what a great service it is.

What is it?  Dropbox is an online file storage / sharing service.  When you install the software it creates a fold on your computer.  Once you put files in that folder it automatically syncs them to their server so you can access your files from their website.  If you have it installed on multiple computers it will automatically download those files to the other computers keeping them all in sync.  I use this to keep certain files that I want access to where ever I am up to date.  It also allows you to share files or folders with others.  I use this all the time to share files with co-workers that are too large to email.  It’s so much easier than trying to upload files to an FTP server or many of the other services I’ve tried.

Another killer feature is the recently launched iPhone app (link opens iTunes).  It gives you a great interface to access all your files, but the killer feature of this app is it allows viewing of pictures and playback of music or video files directly from the app.  It works over wifi or 3g.  It’s just great, now I have easy access to my files, even away from my computer.  And did I mention it’s FREE?

The free account gives you 2 GBs of space, but if you use this link you’ll get bonus space: Dropbox Sign-Up.

Bonus Tip:

Most of the time I skip the getting started guides, but if you complete the steps you’ll get more bonus space.

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  1. Paul

    Thanks for the info. This sounds like a great tool…I’m setting up an account now.


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