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August 11, 2008

I just downloaded a great free CD from Phil Wickham. It’s called Singalong and was recorded live at a recent concert. I really like Phil’s music, and thought I would pass along the opportunity. Just head over to, you’ll need to give them an email address, and they’ll send you the link.



  1. Kevin

    Thanks for the tip, great album.

  2. Beth

    Cool, thanks!

  3. William

    Question for you. I signed up for this, and got the link to download the cd. How do i put that into my itunes so i can have it on there and on my ipod? Thanks

  4. Chris

    If you open the zip file, a folder will be created with the .mp3s in it. Drag that folder to the Library heading in the left hand column of iTunes. It will then automatically transfer the music to your library. You can also drag the folder to the playlist heading and it will automatically add it to your library and create a playlist of the album. Once it’s in iTunes you can transfer it to your iPod.

    I hope that helps.


  5. Austin

    This album is amazing! I love hearing all the voices and hearing a huge crowd worship God! If you have not downloaded this album yet, do so soon!


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