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July 21, 2008

It’s summer and movie going season is in full swing. I’ve had some great conversations with students about some of the popular movies. I have been thinking about all the different angles you could take on a lesson about The Dark Knight, but one of the hard things about using a movie illustration in your talk is find the movie clip. Sure if it’s out on DVD you could always rent it and just show it off the DVD, but often times I want to use a clip from a film that not out on DVD yet. That’s where WingClips comes in. They have a ton of movie clips that you can download and use. The do offer subscriptions that give you higher quality clips and outlines, but I’ve used the free level and it’s been great. They also have a great search tool if you are looking for something on a specific topic. As a Youth Worker I’ve found it to be a great resource.

A bonus for me, they are featuring a few clips from The Dark Knight now, I just might have to use them.

Has anyone else used it? What are your thoughts?


  1. Christina

    This is a super cool resource. Thanks so much for passing it along!

  2. Erik w/a "k"


    I love this site. I actually subscribe and have found it to be a very useful resource. I love that it has still in theatres clips like dark knight. They are always building their library. I used a Horton Hears a Who clip when it was still in theaters!


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