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A few weeks back I was visiting my friends at Download Youth Ministry and Doug asked if I would film an episode of 5-Minute Youth Ministry with him about my favorite apps.  I decided to go with the tried and true because I’m constantly surprised how many people still haven’t heard of them.  Enjoy the show:

Links to what we talk about:

What are your favorite apps right now?

The fine folks over at Download Youth Ministry have a great new video series called 5-Minute Youth Ministry.  Like the name implies these are short videos with great youth ministry training.  The first one with with Doug and Cathy Fields talking about how the spouse feels after a late night of ministry.

Catch the rest of the series HERE.

Over at Youth Specialties, we’ve been celebrating Leap Year.  Needless to say it’s kept me pretty busy, but i wanted to let everyone know so you can take advantage of some of the great deals going on.

NYWC 2012 tickets for only $209 with $50 deposit.  Spaces are limited, but there are still some available for both cities, San Diego and Dallas.  Hurry, this amazing price is only good till March 7th.

Visit for all the details.

Here’s a little video of Mark Matlock and Doug Fields talking about it.

Leap Year Special on resources for 29% off.  There’s some great deals on books from Kara Powell, Lars Rood, Jonathan Mckee, Chuck Bomar, and many others.  There’s books for youth workers, teaching material, and books for students.  These specials all end on March 7th so act fast.

Check them all out HERE.

This is my first YS! Palooza, and I am stoked to be here. I live 1.5 miles from the venue so it was super convenient. The price is right and, who doesn’t need a day or two to refresh the youth ministry batteries? Here is a running blog of Doug Fields’ message to us all!


Doug just took the stage!

Bait and Switch- a tactic in which a seller advertises a product with the intention of persuading customers to purchase a more expensive product. (aka What happens when you do online dating)

“Maybe you have never thought of the bait and switch as it relates to your ministry”

  • We grab this bait of ministry and somehow it gets switched to something else.
  • Volunteering in YM turns into you being the youth director!
In ministry it is not the goal to “trick” people.
  • To be good in youth ministry all I have to do is love teens.
  • All I have to do is eat pizza, tell gross stories and talk to teens about Jesus.


  • You gotta develop leaders


  • To be good in YM you gotta grow the ministry.
  • Reduction is typically not the plan.
  • You have to manage ministry growth.
  • From ministry to meetings.
  • The ministry never ends.
Doug just admitted that he often fantasized about working at a McDonald’s to escape some ministry pressure.
  • Growth requires strong leadership
  • “John Maxwell be came a stronger voice in my life than Jesus”
  • Ministry pressure requires “inner-world” management.
  • I wanted to spend less time with the “how-to” and focus more on the “how-come”
  • Doug just promoted “What Matters Most” over and above PDYM and First Two Years…
This Bait and Switch principle creates tornadoes in our lives as youth workers. It’s difficult to be honest when you spiritual life is spinning.
Are you “performing” more than “following” Jesus?
“When you preach at a church with 20,000 people and 10% don’t like you, that ends up being a mega-church of hate!”
The Disciples didn’t see the wild ride that they were walking into. But for the disciples the SWITCH came with a ministry depth where they could see the blind healed, and Jesus calm the seas. They got to watch thousands be fed by a snack pack.
In the same way—You thought you were just going to be a chaperone, but you didn’t see that a girl would be opening up to you about how she cuts herself.


A Few Things that Never Change: Healthy youth ministries need leaders who…

  • can authentically say, “Follow me as I follow Jesus.” Youth ministry can move so easily from Jesus to programs. Youth ministry should be a place where students should rub shoulders with people who love, and follow Jesus
  • value a collective vision. Being is visionary is highly overrated. The body needs the eyes, and splines, and sphincters. ” I’ve never done anything significant in my ministry ALONE. We are better together!
  • are willing to play A part in reaching that vision. “The starring role is reserved for Jesus.” Wow, what a statement!

I saw this post over on, and thought it was a great reminder of little things we can do to help connect better with our families.  The thing that struck me was that they were almost technology based. These tools that are suppose to make our lives easier also break down the relationships that should be the most important.

Try these 5 actions for a week and see if the temperature in your home doesn’t change a little. Plus, even if your relational temperature is “fine,” these ideas may make it even better.

1. Leave the phone in the car:when you come home from work it’s too simple to get lost in texting, checking, and reading from the phone. You won’t be distracted when the phone left in the car. More time to focus on real people.

2. Shut the laptop: It’s too easy to come home and “get lost” in the computer that’s always on and calling your attention (blogs, email, Quicken, etc…). Turn it off and see if you can turn on some dialogue and/or focus on others.

3. Show up on time: If you tell your spouse that you’ll be home by 6pm… get home. Not 6:30…not even 6:05. If you make a commitment to a loved one, honor it. It’s amazing what simple actions will communicate about love and respect.

4. Turn it off ½ the time: I’m not asking you to become Amish and ditch all TV, I’m suggesting you cut your viewing time in half. Instead of the easy default of turning on the TV, cut it in half and spend that extra time engaged with others.

5. Leave a short note: Emphasis on “short”… I’m not suggesting 2 pages, typed out, double-spaced. What if you left your spouse and/or child a short note every day for a week? Short words of affection and encouragement can be powerful. And, if it’s not a regular practice, these notes will become treasures.

What are some of the other little things could we tweak that would make a big impact on our families and marriages?

Read Doug’s entire post HERE.

I saw over on Doug Fields’ blog, that his podcast returns today.  It’s now called the YouthMinistryGarage and the new site launches at 5:30 PM EST.  I’m so excited the crew is back.  I got to see a little bit of the first episode and it’s the return of everything I loved from the version we did over at Simply, and I’m so glad that YS is powering the show now to help keep it going.

Here’s a little video tease of the opening:

I can’t wait to watch it again.  If you’ve never watched before this is a great time to check it out.

This week over at there was a great series of articles on using games in youth ministry.

Part one: GAME ON! how games can enhance your ministry – it’s a great reminder of why we play games in youth ministry.

Part two: GAME OVER! seven game mistakes that will derail your effectiveness – goes over some common mistakes that can derail your games.

Part three: TIME OUT! three practices that will strengthen your game plan – gives some great suggestions about making your games the best they can.

If you are looking for some new games to play, also has some new free game e-books for you.  You can download  Grass Stain: Outdoor Youth Ministry Games or Rugburn: Indoor Youth Ministry Games.  To get the free downloads you need to sign-up for the Daily email from Doug Fields and Matt McGill, but you also get access to some other great e-books as well as content like these articles in your inbox 4 days a week.

This may not be super geeky, but it’s a super great deal.  You can pick up Youth Leader Training on the Go for only $7.99 (Retail $29.99).  It’s a great resource from Doug Fields for keeping your volunteers trained and encouraged.  It contains 52 training sessions that work great in your team meetings.  Plus an audio CD with 12 short audio trainings, and a CD with all the handouts.  It’s worth checking out.
Youth Leader Training on the Go