Doug Fields: “5 Ways to Change the Environment in Your Family/Marriage”

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January 11, 2012

I saw this post over on, and thought it was a great reminder of little things we can do to help connect better with our families.  The thing that struck me was that they were almost technology based. These tools that are suppose to make our lives easier also break down the relationships that should be the most important.

Try these 5 actions for a week and see if the temperature in your home doesn’t change a little. Plus, even if your relational temperature is “fine,” these ideas may make it even better.

1. Leave the phone in the car:when you come home from work it’s too simple to get lost in texting, checking, and reading from the phone. You won’t be distracted when the phone left in the car. More time to focus on real people.

2. Shut the laptop: It’s too easy to come home and “get lost” in the computer that’s always on and calling your attention (blogs, email, Quicken, etc…). Turn it off and see if you can turn on some dialogue and/or focus on others.

3. Show up on time: If you tell your spouse that you’ll be home by 6pm… get home. Not 6:30…not even 6:05. If you make a commitment to a loved one, honor it. It’s amazing what simple actions will communicate about love and respect.

4. Turn it off ½ the time: I’m not asking you to become Amish and ditch all TV, I’m suggesting you cut your viewing time in half. Instead of the easy default of turning on the TV, cut it in half and spend that extra time engaged with others.

5. Leave a short note: Emphasis on “short”… I’m not suggesting 2 pages, typed out, double-spaced. What if you left your spouse and/or child a short note every day for a week? Short words of affection and encouragement can be powerful. And, if it’s not a regular practice, these notes will become treasures.

What are some of the other little things could we tweak that would make a big impact on our families and marriages?

Read Doug’s entire post HERE.

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  1. elizabeth lagreca

    I love this. I am not sure how realistic #1 is for our family but #2 is GREAT! And I am happy that we have been doing #4 for more than 3 years – this REALLY does make a huge difference. And I am very fond of #5 — I love to leave notes and I certainly LOVE to get them 🙂


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