As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I have been diving into DSLR video over the past few months. The DSLR Camera has, as Philip Bloom described, “democratized cinematography.” What he means is that the affordability of DSLR cameras has made cinema quality video available to even the low budget amateurs such as myself. The world of DSLR video has certainly exploded, and if you aren’t on the first wave it will be easy to get left behind. I wanted to highlight some of the video gurus in the DSLR field that I have found most helpful.

1. Philip Bloom: A London based professional cinematographer who has loads of helpful videos like this one on Vimeo, and his own personal site.


2. Caleb Pike: Caleb operates a site called DSLR Video Shooter. His site is a very practical approach to DSLR video, complete with reviews, instructional videos and the like.


3. Vimeo Video School: This is by far one of the greatest resources out there on cinematography in general. From equipment, to technique, to post production, the Vimeo Video School is a wealth of knowledge!


Do you know any other video resources out there? Share em with the community in the comments!


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