About two years ago I was called back to my home church to be the Associate Student Pastor. Up until that point my youth ministry team had consisted of one person, me. Of course I had volunteers and student leaders, but as you well know– if you don’t create the newsletter, it ain’t gonna happen. The past two years have been remarkably different. My current church employs a full time graphic/web designer, and after seeing some of my publications he immediately turned me onto this book:

If you are a newbie to graphic design Before & After: How to Design Cool Stuff is THE place to begin. If you buy this book, and apply the lessons, the design of your youth ministry publications (both print and electronic) will improve almost overnight! You will see the world differently. Since reading this book I have given copies to other staff members who have also gone on to improve their own ministries. You may also want to sign up for Before & After’s newsletter. Purchase the book here, and check out their site here. You won’t be disappointed.

Out of interest:

1. What is your ratio of printed to electronic media published?

2. Which do parents respond to best?