Announcements are Boring

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November 19, 2011

Everyone knows it. Announcements are boring. So a few years back we decided to spice things up. We had just held a huge student conference and had brought in the improv comedy group CPR. The students went nuts over the improv. So why not combine the most boring part of the service, with something entertaining? Improv Announcements were born. The video is from a while back, and it combines 2 improv games. The first game is called The Alphabet Game. Contestants have to go in order giving sentences that start with letters of the alphabet (All I want is to get through this game. But first we have to talk about the upcoming event. Certainly don’t want students to miss the theme night. etc.) The Second game is called mouse traps. This one is self explanatory, so I will explain it anyways. Contestants have to make their way across a mousetrap minefield, barefoot and blindfolded. As you can see from the video, students now enjoy announcements.


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