Win a Website Makeover

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Let’s face it, a lot of our church websites need help.  Most of the time they aren’t up to the design and functionality we would like.  Well, the guys over at Snapshot Web would like to help fix that.  They are giving away a year worth of hosting, plus a custom design just for you.  Just follow the link and take their quick survey to be entered.  Who knows, a new church website could be in your future.

Have you ever remembered reading something in one of your books, and maybe even remembered which book, but had no idea which of the couple hundred pages housed the beloved content?  Don’t try the index or thumbing through the pages, simply go to  There you can search within books to find where the content lies.

This works best when you have the book because many of the selections indexed by Google Books do not have full previews; however, the limited preview is more than enough to put you on the right page.

If your book is not available on Google Books, make sure you stop by  Most books that have the small “look inside” logo over the cover image will provide a similar search to help you find what you are looking for.

Just for fun.  It’s such a great look to make it look like David was just carrying around his laptop filming with his webcam.  I also loved the effect of it being sped up, but the singing regular time.  Enjoy.

YouTube – David CrowderBand – “How He Loves” OFFICIAL Music Video.

Should I Buy That Gadget?

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Have you ever asked your self that question?  I know I have.  In fact I keep asking myself about it every time I see a netbook.  Here’s a little flow chart to help with the decision:

(Click to see full size.)


If you are anything like me, every time you go on a camp or retreat, you come back with tons of photos (about ten of which are usually any good) and maybe even some video.  Of course you want to do something cool with them, and every once in a while, you take the time to create a video that is a mashup of your pictures, videos, and some recent Christian Music.  Most of the time, your schedule rules out doing anything of the sort.

That is where Animoto comes in.  This snazzy little web tool allows you to upload photos and video, and then creates a really slick looking video of them.

You start by uploading pictures (no larger than 5MB each) and videos (no larger than 200MB each).  You can then set what portion of the videos you uploaded you want to include.  Once you have all your files uploaded, it’s time to select your music.  You can upload your own track or select from their collection.  If you are looking for Christian music, they have 27 selections ranging from Toby Mac to Christ Tomlin (who should be on your playlist).  All that’s left at that time is to determine your speed and cover image at which point their servers take over rendering an impressive video with a cool soundtrack.

The finished video is ready for sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, email, and even exporting to YouTube and Smugmug.

Sounds too good to be free right?  Well that’s where you’re wrong and right.  This is a freemium service.  You get all the photos and videos you can cram into 30 seconds for free, and if you want to make a longer video (up to the length of your song), the cost is $30 (the All-Access Pass) for all you can eat for an entire year… seems like a steal to me!  In addition to making longer videos, the All-Access Pass allows you to download the videos though they will only be 432×240 h.264 mp4s.  If you want dvd quality, you can pay $5 per video for the upgrade.

This site focuses on speed and ease of use.  Which means that you do not get a whole lot in the way of editing control.  As a matter of fact, you get NO control.  If you don’t like the transitions or timing, your only option is their “one-Click Remix” that sends it through their randomizer again to hopefully spit out something you’ll like.

However, if you want to be able to make a quick video about last week’s trip for this week’s worship service and have less than zero time, Animoto is a great choice, and an incredible value.  Check it out!

The Spooky Awesome Bundle is new from Simply Youth Ministry and is a amazing deal for anyone looking to stock up on Youth Ministry resources. It includes 13 resources with a $280 value for only $69, plus when they sell 200 and 400 bundles they will add more resources too it. It has stuff from Doug Fields, Kurt Johnston, Chuck Bomar, Josh Griffin, and Megan Hutchinson.

Here’s what it includes:

  • The $5 Youth Ministry
  • ER Handbook for Youth Ministry
  • Power Play Vol. 4
  • 99 Thoughts about Girls: For Guys’ Eyes Only
  • 99 Thoughts about Guys: For Girls’ Eyes Only
  • 99 Thoughts for Youth Workers
  • 99 Thoughts for College Age People
  • 10 Minute Moments – Red Stuff
  • 10 Minute Moments – God’s Story
  • Love Out Loud
  • Who Am I?
  • Plugged In
  • Life Hurts God Heals

Hurry, it’s only good until Oct 30, or until they run out, and I bet it will only take a few days, so if you’re interested, I would buy soon.

I was reading this article over at PC world: Windows 7? Don’t Upgrade, Buy A New PC – Business Center – PC World:

Here is the very best advice for Windows XP users considering an upgrade to Windows 7: Don’t do it.

Windows 7’s biggest failing is that upgrading from XP requires reinstalling applications and moving personal data around. And who looks forward to doing that?

There are good technical reasons why Microsoft chose this path. However, for average XP users and many businesses, such a difficult upgrade makes Windows 7 a non-starter. Users that are more proficient will make the upgrade at their own peril, just make sure you have application install disks handy.

Yes, you can upgrade from XP to Windows 7, but is it really worth it?


I totally agree that Microsoft really missed the boat by making it so difficult to upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7.  I have an old XP machine I’d love to upgrade, but maybe I should just start looking at netbooks.

Do you plan on upgrading to Windows 7?


Thought I’d pass this along for anyone needing some resources, a great chance to get some Free stuff, but only till Oct 20, 2009.


I am constantly amazed at the tools that produces.  This morning I found out about what is quite possibly the most useful of them all: Open.  What is it?  It’s thousands of top-quality resources for churches available for free download.  It’s not just youth resources!  Everyone can find something from adults to children and youth to pet ministry (I may have gone a little overboard on the pet ministry).

To begin, you simply sign up for an account and voila, the world of Open resources is at your fingertips.  Browse through the files to find videos of messages, background loops, small group curriculum, skits and video illustrations.

Don’t have a great worship band?  No problem, you can download worship sets to project on a screen with a band, lyrics, the whole deal.  There’s even forms and training.  Like I said, it’s awesome!  The only problem I could find with the well-designed site is that some of the video files require you to burn them on a dvd to play them which for a novice (especially one using a pc) could get a little hairy.

That being said, it’s all there, and it’s all free.  Next time you need help on a message or small group your first stop simply has to be Open.

Want to Replace iTunes?

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Sync, Play & Send to BlackBerry, PSP, iPod, iPhone with doubleTwist

First I want to say.  I like iTunes, it syncs content great to my iPhone and Apple TV.  I also love the genius feature, it creates great playlists.  But when it comes to getting content onto my sons PSP, I’m out of luck.  That was until doubleTwist.

DoubleTwist gives you an alternative to iTunes (that can still access you iTunes library).  It’s still pretty basic, but it does offer some great features that iTunes lacks.

  1. Sync – it syncs with a lot more devices (including PSP, Blackberrys, Android, Kindle and more).  See the complete list here.
  2. Amazon mp3 store.  You can directly access the Amazon mp3 and all the free content they offer.
  3. Share with others.  It gives an easy way to share with your friends.

It’s still early in development, and I’m sure they will fill out the missing features in time.  It’s a great start, and I look forward to future releases.  And at FREE, it’s worth a try.  Right now it’s only Mac, but a PC version is coming.

UPDATE: It looks like the PC version is available for download now.

Check it out: doubleTwist.