Weekend Worship Review #5

November 12, 2012

Sunday marked the second week of our All Out War series! I’m gonna keep this post brief because it’s a crazy busy week for me.

Gimme 5:

Yesterday we played Gimme 5. This is one of our students favorite challenges! We have all the students grouped at tables during our worship services, and this challenge pits tables against one another. Basically the host of our service, a volunteer named Michael Johns, calls out questions like, “Gimme 5 weapons of war,” or “Gimme 5 words that have to word WAR in them”. Students then work with their tables to write down 5 answers. As soon as they have 5 they have someone run that list across the room to me. The first 3 lists to make it to me are read off in order. We have a judge who has a buzzer determining if the answers are legitimate. You can purchase a Gimme 5 book by Les Christie here.

Here is a free graphic I created for Gimme 5. Enjoy.

Gimme Five


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  1. Austin McCann

    Gimmie 5 is always a win with students. It’s a easy game that requires no set up and not much planning. Great way to get students working together and having a good time.



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