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October 13, 2012

Each week at our Sunday morning worship service we have slides that scroll during pre-service. Here are a few examples for you to use. In our ministry we constantly rip others off. I am not a graphic designer by any stretch so I have learned to imitate others. You will notice hat tips to YS! and Simply both. And on that topic, feel free to rip us off as well. This is about Jesus and his love for teens!

Welcome to DRIVEN Sneakers

A welcome slide of some sort is always in the mix. I recommend checking out Saddleback HSM’s facebook page regularly for ideas.

Everyone Has a Story

Everyone Has A Story is the title that Doug Fields used years ago to represent student testimonies. In our youth ministry we have developed a handbook/DVD combo that is free to students that helps them write out their own testimony and prepare to share it in our services. This is the slide we use when they are on stage.

Homestar Runner Slide

Lego Sermon Series

Among the slides that we have scrolling is usually a slide that tells students what the current sermon series is.

Small Group Couch

RAID Fall 2012 Slide

Superhero Dinner Theater

The 15 minutes before a service when students are milling around is a great time to promote things like small groups and special events.

Stache of the Month Beiber

Stache of the Month Queen

Stache of the Month Stewart

Well I hope this gave you all some sweet ideas!

Some slides are just for fun. Our recent Youth Ministry Magazine was dubbed the “Stache Issue” so we have been exploring all things stache.


  1. Joshua Pollock

    We use some of the slides too, great ideas. We also do random “game slides;” Name that Youth Worker, we use baby pics. However I have a Question: Is there somewhere I can see the ideas behind the “Home-star Runner Series” Thats such an awesome idea, just curious on the direction.

    • Jon


      The HSR series is a 9 week sermons series that we did on the Fruit of the Spirit. Each member of the HSR site represented one of the different fruit. So Joy was Strong Sad, Love was Homestar, Goodness was Bubs (he’s always awesome!) and so on and so forth.

      I used Screencast-O-Matic to rip videos from the website and used them in the services. We created physical contests based on the flash games from the site.

      Hope that helps. If you have specific questions I will certainly answer them for you.

      • Joshua Pollock

        That is such a cool idea! I may start playing around with that idea. I’m afraid i’d have to introduce it to the kids way in advance, i feel like my students don’t know who HSR is. (They’re missing out) Thanks for the reply!



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