Sticky Faith Deal on E-books

August 6, 2012

I don’t know if you’ve read the Sticky Faith books, but they are some of the best ministry books I’ve read during the last year.  Based on the research by Fuller Youth Institute, authors Kara Powell, Chap Clark and Brad Griffin have really reshaped my thinking about how different age groups within a church can help each other and the effect it ultimately has on the younger ones.

You can get both the book and the youth worker book right now for only $3.99 and the student curriculum for $9.99.

Amazon Kindle:


Or if you’d rather get the physical copies, use the code sticky08 to save an additional 15% off all three at (click HERE to go the the books).

Also Fuller Youth Institue is doing a series of webcast this week to jump start Back to School thinking.  Visit for more info.


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