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January 23, 2012

At our church we create a load of custom publications. When I first started I used Microsoft Publisher. Over the past 2 years I began learning Adobe’s Creative Suite 5 so I have converted to an InDesign user. What kind of publishing software do you use, and why? Give 3 “likes” and 3 “dislikes”

What Publishing Software Do You Use?



  1. Andrew

    Word for Mac has a pretty handy publishing layout that I use for virtually all of our publishing. On rare occasion, I’ll go into Pixelmator to get a little bit more control. It’s not a “publisher” per se, but it’ll get the job done.

  2. adam mclane

    I suppose my needs are a bit different than the average youth worker. But I too use CS5’s creative suite.

  3. Cooper Miller

    As a graphic design major/youth ministry minor, it hurts to hear someone say that use word for publication design (no offense intended)

    If you are not fluent in the Adobe creation suite at least use Microsoft Publisher, however I would like to urge all youth workers to look into maybe taking a class, they are offered everywhere, sometimes for free.

    If your flier/handout doesn’t appeal to the student why would they look at it?


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