5 Tech Toys I got for Christmas

December 30, 2011

1. BookBook for iPhone – I love BookBook for iPad (Read about it HERE) so I had to check it out for iPhone.  I am use to slipping ONLY my iPhone in my pocket so this feels a little bulky but I really like it! If you have $59.99 for a case check it out @ twelevesouth.com
2. Roku 2 xs – This this is SICK!  It blows away my Apple TV.  Truth is, the only thing the Apple TV has over Roku is AirPlay (that actually may be a big deal to some of you) and if you have a ton of Apple video purchases.  Roku is so much more robust and has about 100 more channels to choose from than the Apple TV.  The “xs” has a USB port so you can add your videos to a thumb-drive and watch them…no jailbreak needed. check out more @ roku.com
3. Gift Cards (That’s digital, right?) – I am not a huge fan of gift cards because they lock you in to buying at one location.  Even if I like shopping at Target, Best Buy, or Game Stop I usually find much better prices online.
4. Apple Wireless Keyboard – This has been a great addition to my iPad.  I am writing this post on my iPad using iA writer app and my new keyboard!  Last week I wanted to hit the local coffee shop to do some writing but I did not want to bring my MacBook Pro.  This would have been so much better than typing using the on screen keyboard.  Best Buy + Gift Cards + Open Box Item = Greta Deal…I think I paid $14.
5. Zhu Zhu Pets – Ok, I did not get these…my kids did…and I have to put up with them.  Worst gift ever.


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