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February 9, 2010

I was working on a project recently and decided I really needed to find some new fonts for it.  I came across a few collections that I thought would be fun to share:

1. 40 Free Comic and Cartoon Fonts: These have youth ministry written all over them.  Lots of fun ones to play with.

One of my favorites:

2. 40 Free Hand Drawn Fonts: I’m a big fan of the hand drawn look.  I’ve seen some of these before, but there were some great new ones also.

I love this look:

3. 100 Abstract and Grunge Fonts: I really like a lot of these, very current and a lot of fun for ministry.

Check these out:

Maybe these will be just what you need for your next project.  Enjoy!


  1. Katie

    try dafont.com TONS of cool looking fonts. like 70ish different categories. New fonts being added all the time. My favorite is this one… http://www.dafont.com/walt-disney.font “Waltograph” It looks like disney font.

  2. Kristian

    I caught this at the last second before I used it… the cocaine sans has some colorful language
    in the background of the letter “i,” but if you use the capital “I” it isn’t a problem and still fits the flow. Good stuff fo sho!


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