New Bigger Kindle Coming

May 6, 2009


Amazon announced today the Kindle DX.  It’s a larger version of their existing ebook reading.  The larger screen is suppose to make reading Newspapers and Magazines easier.  In addition to the larger screen, it has native PDF support and storage for up to 3500 books.  Another cool new feature is it will auto rotate from Portrait to Landscape modes.  Looks interesting, but I think I would still have to go with the original sized Kindle.  Even though native PDF support would be great.

I’m still holding out for the rumored larger iPod / iPhone tablet.  I think that would be the device for me.


  1. Shawn

    What do you think apple is waiting for to release their tablet. With the itunes sort of infrastructure, they would absolutely dominate any ebook market. June and July will be awesome

  2. Chris

    I’m hoping we may get an announcement from Apple in June, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s not released till Sept or Oct to make the holiday buying season. If we don’t hear anything in June I may break down and buy a Kindle.


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