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July 23, 2008

YouVersion calls itself a revolutionary online Bible, and I it definitely lives up to the claim. It’s part social network and part online Bible. At the base of it, it’s an online Bible that allows you to post your own notes and thoughts on a passage. You can use this to organize your own study notes or even links and pictures, but the real power is you can share it others. This is where the social part comes in. You can have “friends” that you can share your thoughts and notes with. I haven’t really gotten into this yet, but it’s really cool. (My user name is crd55 if you want to be my friend)

The other power in YouVersion is the mobile version they have. It really gives you a useable Bible where ever you are. Most services out there either have great functionality or great content. But YouVersion has both. to use, and has translations that I really want to use (I’m a TNIV and Message guy myself, and both are there). It easy I’ve used it on a windows mobile phone and an iPhone and it’s great. In fact they even have a iPhone app you can install. This is probably what I like best about it.

Also did I mention that it’s free?

It’s definitely worth taking a look.

Here’s their video demo of their iPhone app:

YouVersion iPhone Bible App from YouVersion on Vimeo.

YouVersion Mobile
YouVersion iPhone App
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  1. Mike

    I have been using the YouVersion app on my iPhone and it is a very well implemented Bible reader.



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