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Free Mac App Software Bundle

Chris —  May 30, 2014 — 4 Comments

Mac Bundle v3

For all my Mac using friends out there, I wanted to let you know about a great bundle of FREE software that will only be available for a few more days.  There’s a ton of bundles out there, but this one included one in particular that I thought could be fun for Youth Ministry.  It’s called X-Mirage and it lets you mirror your iOS screen (iPhone or iPad) to your Mac.


This is great if you want to make demo videos of an app to share, but I think it has great potential for a youth group stage game.  Since it will let you mirror multiple iOS devices at one time you could have two students playing the same game up on the big screen and the crowd could cheer them.  So many fun possibilities, post your ideas in the comments below.

In addition to X-Mirage, you also get:

  • Elmedia Player Pro – a utility to help download streaming video from the internet.  A great way to save those youtube videos to use in a talk or in your presentation software.
  • ClipBuddy – a utility to organize your cut / paste selections
  • cf/x Mosaic – turns your photos into mosaic art
  • Plus a few more

The bundle is free, so what do you have to loose.  Have fun!

Get the Bundle Now


Great Game Ideas

Chris —  March 4, 2014 — 3 Comments

Who couldn’t use more game ideas for Wednesday Night?  Last week the YS Idea Lab featured the king of youth group games, Les Christie giving some fun ideas.

What’s your favorite youth ministry game?

Need more games ideas, check these out:

Ball and Game Bundle - Physical
Games - Video Edition - Physical
Absurd Holiday Games Vol 1 - Digital

Flappy Crowd Youth Ministry Game

Chris —  February 21, 2014 — 3 Comments

If you are looking for a super fun new game for your youth ministry, you need to check out Flappy Crowd.  You may not be able to get Flappy Bird in the App store any more, but you can still get your students playing a fun version on the screen in your youth room.  Get the crowd flapping to keep the bird in the air and collect coins and power ups.

This is how it works:

Check it out over at DYM.



I don’t know how I missed this, but i just saw my friends from DigitalStache have a blog called GameShow where they are posting some great games.  With title like Smart or Stupid and Hit the Chip how could you go wrong.  They are providing instructions and graphics for some fun games.  Doesn’t look like it’s updated that often, but maybe some traffic will inspire them.

If you need some new games, it might be a good one to check out.

Game Show Blog | Game Ideas for Student Ministry from Digital Stache.

ScoreKeep - Download

is something almost every youthworker who plays games on their computer.

What is it you ask?

is a visual scoreboard that projects onto your screen.  I’ve tried it out, and it’s super easy to use.  The first thing you do is setup your team names.  You are limited to just two teams but for most games I think that’s enough.  You can also setup how points are awarded for each “+” you award.  It also has a timer built in that you can set to go up or down.

Setup screen:

After setting up how you want your score to work, you can pick your theme.  Five are included and they all look nice and are diverse to apply to many different gaming situations.  The included themes are 1. Chalkboard theme that looks like is sounds, hand written chalk on a blackboard, 2. LED that looks like an 80’s digital watch, 3. Marquee that has a movie theater feel, 4. Modern has a clean slick look, and 5. Wallpaper has an artsy look that put the scores in picture frames.  Additional themes are available for purchase in the app.

Theme setup:

Now you’re ready to play.  The actual play screen is really easy to use. There’s are buttons to add or subtract points to each team.  The teams can even go into negative territory if you need it to.  You can also start and stop the countdown and show the winner. The actual scoreboard is projected onto your screen so your audience only sees scoreboard so they can cheer for their team.

Play Screen:

I just love this app, and I think you will too. It’s another great resource from

Here’s their description:

Have you ever wanted to play a game with your youth group WITHOUT using your chalk board to keep score? Well, now you can! Score Keep lets you keep track of points in style. Choose your theme, name your game, name your teams, set a timer (if you want) and let the competition begin! Now, what to do with all that chalk you bought in bulk…

Product Features

  • Mac and PC
    All Gameshows are standalone cross platform (Mac and PC) AIR applications. Adobe AIR is included in the installation. System requirements can be found on Adobe’s site.
  • Easy to Edit, Easy to Play
    You choose a theme, name your game and your teams, set a timer (optional), set your point value and whether high or low score wins. Control the game on one screen and play with the crowd on another.
  • SD or HD (720p)
    Works with any second display (TV, projector, monitor). Requires second display up to 720p resolution for fullscreen output. Automatically adjusts to any screen ratio and resolution. It just works!
  • Themes
    We don’t want to hold you back with one boring background so we’ve created custom themes to enhance your competitive experience. Just choose the theme that best compliments your game and let the competition begin!
  • Save and Share Games
    Share your game ideas and files with your friends. Edit your game ahead of time during the week. Be sure to check out our Community Exchange to share your ideas and files with others.

Jump over to to pick it up or download the trial.

Spin That Wheel - Download
We’ve talked about Spin That Wheel before, and I think it’s one of the most fun media products to come along for a youth worker in awhile.  It’s a customizable prize wheel. It’s great for prizes or challenges. It can really help add some fun to your up front youth group games.

From the site:

Spin That Wheel is a rockin large group interactive game. As a stand alone application, the software allows you to add up to 15 custom prizes to the wheel, then spin it to see what you get! (Wow, I just won a bag of Pork Rinds*) It has a random winner every time. Find yourself a great host, a really bad outfit, and you are in for a great night. *Prizes not included.

It’s now available at Simply Youth Ministry and we are so excited about our friendship with Digital Stashe.  We also have a some of their other resources (Looped Vol. 1Looped Vol. 2, Color Flow Song Kit, Underwater Disco Song Kit, and more in the media category at Simply ) and will have more in the future.

Check it out Spin That Wheel, it’s definitely worth the price.

This week over at there was a great series of articles on using games in youth ministry.

Part one: GAME ON! how games can enhance your ministry – it’s a great reminder of why we play games in youth ministry.

Part two: GAME OVER! seven game mistakes that will derail your effectiveness – goes over some common mistakes that can derail your games.

Part three: TIME OUT! three practices that will strengthen your game plan – gives some great suggestions about making your games the best they can.

If you are looking for some new games to play, also has some new free game e-books for you.  You can download  Grass Stain: Outdoor Youth Ministry Games or Rugburn: Indoor Youth Ministry Games.  To get the free downloads you need to sign-up for the Daily email from Doug Fields and Matt McGill, but you also get access to some other great e-books as well as content like these articles in your inbox 4 days a week.