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Weekend Worship Review #3

Jon —  October 29, 2012 — Leave a comment

Yesterday we wrapped up our 4 week series “How To Annoy Your Family.” I preached on making good choices from Psalm 1. We showed some hilarious videos, and had a student testimony about how God is teaching their family through adoption.

A Helpful Piece of Software:

A few years ago our youth ministry had a huge budget. In fact we had $20,000 budgeted just to spend on weekend worship services. This meant that we could spend close to $400 a week just on our weekly youth service. Since the fallout of 2008 our church had been weathering the storm pretty well. This past year has been tremendously difficult on our budget. However, the production value of our services has remained high, and our youth ministry is reaching more teens than ever! Since we can’t simply buy a new video to show in a service we have relied on creating our own, and using sites like YouTube. One of the handiest pieces of software out there is Youtube Downloader HD. This software allows us to rip videos that we have used in our services. For instance, each week we have music videos playing pre-service, and for the LEGO series we ripped 4-5 LEGO Stop Motion music videos and had them looping. Being able to rip videos has saved us loads of money. Just make sure you don’t rip videos that people sell as intellectual property.

If you would like a more detailed look at our service I have attached a copy of our cue sheet:

Cue Sheet 10/28/2012

As always, I would love to hear your thoughts on student ministry service design/programming. Share your thoughts/ideas with us in the comments below.

Weekend Worship Review #2

Jon —  October 23, 2012 — 1 Comment

This past Sunday marked week 3 of our series, “How To Annoy Your Family”. It’s a Doug Fields/Simply Youth Ministry series on family relationships.

What Worked:

For the past weeks we have had students on stage for interview style testimonies. We set up black leather club chairs and a coffee table on the side stage and feature the interviews as you would see on a late night tv show (Letterman, Conan). These interviews have been stellar. You can find the slide that we use for these interviews here.

We have students sit at table. We call it “doing church face to face.” At every table is an adult leader who gets a “Table Leader Card.” This card has a Table Talk activity and tips for our leaders. It’s a way to do training without doing training. Here is a sample:


What Sipped:

The team who used the worship room before us unplugged our linked hard-drive and no one thought to check everything out before the service started. The song had no lyrics. It was a huge reminder to never assume that everything is where it needs to be in a multi-purpose room.

Cue Sheet:

Cue Sheet October 21, 2012

If you all have any questions about our services/programming I always love chatting it up.

Weekend Worship Review #1

Jon —  October 15, 2012 — 1 Comment

Ok, I am totally ripping off Josh Griffin here! Just about every week Josh offers a weekend review of their youth services on his amazing blog, More Than Dodgeball. I check out his stuff all the time. In fact you will see some of it reproduced frequently if you came to our student services. I figured it might be helpful to show the world what a typical weekend looks like in our youth ministry. We currently see between 200-250 students in a given month at our youth ministry.

Each week I plan on posting the PDF cue sheet that we used in our weekend service. I will share a few comments on what worked and what (as Doug Fields says) sipped, then allow you all to ask questions. The key here is that I want to interact with you all. Let’s get crackin on developing better services together. So enough of this…


Date: October 14, 2012

Sermon Series: How to Annoy Your Family (A Doug Fields/Simply Sermon Series

Cue Sheet: Cue Sheet October 14, 2012

What Worked:

In our services we have student sit around tables, so each week we make sure that each Table Leader (adult volunteer) gives every student in the room a high five. Yesterday we added 6 more tables and had them all staffed. This fall has been a huge volunteer push for us (14 new volunteers so far). Students cheered as we introduced the new leaders. We want to make sure they are known as the heroes of our ministry.

Also, our student testimony for the week came from a young guy named Jorden. Jorden is hilarious (a real ladies man). He spoke of some of the struggles he faces as a single child in a racially diverse family. It was awesome!

What Sipped:

An hour before the service our lights on the trussing began to flicker. I had to swap out our DMX board and reprogram in a pinch. We still had some glitches. The bottom line is that you can always count on something screwing up so you had better be as prepared as possible. Had we not worked hard all week and waited til Sunday morning to run cable, setup ProPresenter etc. it would have been a disaster instead of a hiccup.

Let me hear your questions!