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If the awesome new trailer that came out for Star Wars: The Force Awakens wasn’t long enough for you, someone incredible person edited all the trailers into one masterpiece of viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Zumocast is focused on helping you play/display the media you have on your computer to your iOS device.  After installing the app on your computer and iOS device and registering with Zumocast, you are able to do some incredible things.

You can watch any video you have on your computer on your iOS device.  When I say any, I mean ANY;  it even transcodes formats that are not viewable into viewable formats/resolutions.  It works over 3G or WiFi (though beware of your caps).  If you are about to get on a plane, don’t worry, all you have to do is click a download button and the item begins downloading in that appropriate format! (subject to the 10MB 3G cap)

More of a music person than a movie person?  Music works much the same way though for some reason it will not download.

Then, of course, you can view photos.  But that is not where the viewing stops.  I tried Word, Pages, Excel, PowerPoint, Keynote, PDF, RTF and all opened perfectly for viewing.

As far as I can see there are only a couple of disappointments.  Why it doesn’t allow you to download the music is beyond me, but I understand having a healthy fear of the RIAA.  It is also irritating that the desktop utility installs with a default to prevent your computer from going to sleep.  While I am sure that is the best thing for ZumoCast to operate, I am glad I looked before I walked out the door tomorrow morning with a dead laptop.  It would also be incredible if you could make some simple changes to text documents.

The best part of this incredible app is that it’s FREE and cross-platform.  Zumocast supports windows, mac, and iOS.  They are working on an android version as well.

Some Christmas Freebies

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There’s a lot of Christmas Freebies floating around this year.  I thought I’d let you know about some before it’s too late.

Some of these are daily or every couple days.  Even if you missed a few of them, there’s still a lot of freebies left before Christmas.

Mission Trips and Media

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Over at Simply Youth, there’s a great new resource for helping make the most out of your mission trips this summer.  Prepare, Go, Live. Here’s a little from it’s description:

Few things will bring the gospel to life for your students like heading out onto the mission field. Spending a day, weekend, or longer in service to God, for his love, and with people in need brings the calling of Christ vividly into focus. With this easy to implement 3-part missions trip curriculum, you’ll get everything you need to get your students ready (Prepare), devotions for the trip (Go), and follow-up materials (Live) to make their experience part of an ongoing, godly lifestyle. And what good would we be if we didn’t include helpful stuff for leaders to make the whole trip more fun for everyone? No good at all, so we’ve given you plenty.


Also in honor of this new resource, over on there’s a contest for the best mission trip stories, and 3 winners will get Flip cams.  One of the funnest little cameras to come along in quite awhile.

Also I wanted to let you there’s still a 50% media sale going on.  Here are some of my favorites:

Also, use the promo code: PLUGGEDIN to get free shipping on orders over $99.

Yesterday Simply Youth Ministry and Worship House Media launched the Simply Youth Ministry Media Store, a new media store with a focus on media for youth ministry. It a huge collection of movies, backgrounds, countdowns, still images and software with youth ministry in mind.  There’s also a great section of Easter stuff if you need any last minute videos or backgrounds.

They also provide weekly freebies that are great (check out the link on the homepage).


LINK: Simply Youth Media Store

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It’s summer and movie going season is in full swing. I’ve had some great conversations with students about some of the popular movies. I have been thinking about all the different angles you could take on a lesson about The Dark Knight, but one of the hard things about using a movie illustration in your talk is find the movie clip. Sure if it’s out on DVD you could always rent it and just show it off the DVD, but often times I want to use a clip from a film that not out on DVD yet. That’s where WingClips comes in. They have a ton of movie clips that you can download and use. The do offer subscriptions that give you higher quality clips and outlines, but I’ve used the free level and it’s been great. They also have a great search tool if you are looking for something on a specific topic. As a Youth Worker I’ve found it to be a great resource.

A bonus for me, they are featuring a few clips from The Dark Knight now, I just might have to use them.

Has anyone else used it? What are your thoughts?