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It’s hard enough getting up in front of your friends and family to play, but this is the worst.

HT Mashable

OK, there’s much excitement in our house about Star Wars Angry Birds in our house.  It’s a mashup of two of our favorite things. After playing it for a few days, we are still just as excited. Who doesn’t like an Angry Bird with a light sabre slaying though evil storm trooper piggies.

If you are interested you too can enjoy the fun and games.  It’s available on just about every platform out there.

Angry Birds Star Wars - Rovio Entertainment Ltd

Angry Birds Star Wars HD - Rovio Entertainment Ltd

Kindle Fire

Google Play


May the Force be with you!

Everyone hates the spinning beach ball of death.  Imagine if it took over your presentation while speaking to a group of people.  Watch as Improv Everywhere brings this to life.  Have you ever thought about doing something unexpected like this during a talk?  Could be a great memory maker for your students.

Over at YS we did a little experiment.  We told the 4000 youth workers at NYWC in Atlanta to all record a David Crowder Band song and then upload it to YouTube.  The genius that is Brad Sitton then took all the footage and made this incredible video out of it.

Enjoy! Merry Christmas!


Everyone knows it. Announcements are boring. So a few years back we decided to spice things up. We had just held a huge student conference and had brought in the improv comedy group CPR. The students went nuts over the improv. So why not combine the most boring part of the service, with something entertaining? Improv Announcements were born. The video is from a while back, and it combines 2 improv games. The first game is called The Alphabet Game. Contestants have to go in order giving sentences that start with letters of the alphabet (All I want is to get through this game. But first we have to talk about the upcoming event. Certainly don’t want students to miss the theme night. etc.) The Second game is called mouse traps. This one is self explanatory, so I will explain it anyways. Contestants have to make their way across a mousetrap minefield, barefoot and blindfolded. As you can see from the video, students now enjoy announcements.

I was watching some podcast Brian Brushwood was on when I first discovered  This is a online, user-generated world record site.  (I almost feel foolish writing anything else because I know your brains are already spinning on this one.)  It’s easy.  After signing up, you post a video as proof.  They review it and then confirm you made or broke the record.

After hearing about this, one of our students immediately went and broke the record for number of times saying “pretty” before “good” in one breath.  He was beaten soon after by a girl from Canada, but rest assured that he considered it a matter of national pride to get this  record back in American hands!

So, we hosted a world record event and set a bunch of great ones that are being verified as I type.  As a fun promo for the event our staff broke several records including my own world record:

Geek Is… [VIDEO]

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I loved watching this video.  It brought back a lot of great childhood memories.  I guess I’m really a geek.

Blizzard’s senior vice president of creative development, Chris Metzen, delivers a rousing dissertation to a packed audience at BlizzCon about what it means to be a geek. Beta is the new alpha.

Geek Is… [VIDEO].

I don’t know about you, but I’m very excited that Conan has taken over the Tonight Show.  And one of his bits is my pick for Friday Fun.  He has started a Twitter Tracker to track all those fascinating celebrity tweets.  

Check Out the video:

And if you want more Twitter Tracker, check out it’s site: Twitter-Tracker

You can also follow it on Twitter:

Happy Friday.

I have to say that of all the tools I have found, dulls the pain of updating mutiple social networking sites better than anything else.  If you have friends and students split between twitter, myspace and facebook, the chore of updating statuses and tweets gets tedious at best.   What I was looking for several months ago was a place I could go to make one post that would push to all those places. does just that.  I log in (or click the button on my iPhone) type my status/tweet and viola, it’s done.  It appears that I am taking the time to update all those places without taking the time to update all those places.

And the best part? It’s simple.  It doesn’t try and cram 900 features into what should be a text box and a post button.  It’s only real feature besides its accessibility and compatibility is that it allows you to group your statuses, blogs, etc. and choose which group any particular post applies to before sending it out.

Did I mention that it works with EVERYTHING?  By everything I mean Jaiku, Tumblr, iMeem, WordPress,… a total of 30 social networking platforms at the time of this post.

I find that it seems like I am always recommending this to friends, acquaintences and strangers looking at my iPhone, and couldn’t believe I had not shared it here.  Basically, if you have more than one platform for connecting with people online, you have to start using period.

Bill Gates at TED

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I think the stuff that comes out of the TED conference is some of the best on the net.  If you’re not familiar with TED it’s a conference and the name stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design.  The talks are diverse and I almost always find them fascinating.  One of the best parts is they are almost all around 20 minutes, so you can get through one quickly.

This years TED conference is going on right now and here’s the talk Bill Gates gave.  The title is How I’m Trying to Change the World Now. It’s worth a watch:

If you liked it I recommend subscribing to their podcast (link opens iTunes).  Or if you’re an iPhone user they have an app too.