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May 2, 2012

Eons ago fellow youth ministry geek Matt McGill wrote a blog post called EVANGAtweets. This weekend our student ministry is discussing evangelism in our weekend worship service. In honor of Matt I quickly whipped up a few EVANGAtweet slides to cycle through pre-service. Here they are for your pleasure and use. And just to make sure I’m legit- “all EVANGAtweets are copyrighted by a ministry of matt mcgill interstate/international/internet/interdimensional evangelism ministries.”


  1. ryan guard

    I can’t tell if you’re kidding or not. Are you really going to encourage your students to tweet those messages? Do you really think that they’ll be read by their friends, who will find them compelling enough to ask about Jesus?

    • Jon

      This is totally a joke. We are using it as a “how not to evangelize” illustration. They would be incredibly offensive if we were serious.

  2. Ryan Guard

    Oh man, so glad you said that!!

  3. Pastor Craig

    And the purpose of todays Youth Ministry Geek was???


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