LARPing in Youth Ministry

Jon —  April 7, 2012 — 4 Comments

“What’s LARPing?”, you ask. Well, you may just want to go re-measure yourself on the geek scale. If you look down on the far end of that scale, near infinity, you will find a term called LARPing. It stands for Live Action Role Play. That’s right! It’s Dungeons and Dragons with costumes, and this year the our youth ministry is holding 2 Larper events– we just won’t be calling them Larper events.They are actually modeled after an old YS! resource called Adventure Games. It’s out of print now, but if you can find one on Amazon or eBay I recommend it! The idea that Adventure Games are built on is that you minimize rules, maximize the story/narrative, and play on a huge area with 60-100 players. Here’s a description and video about our first adventure game event:

Our first will be a theme night called “Aliens”. That 4 hour event will be 1 long game that we are calling Battlefield: Earth. Essentially it’s capture the flag, only with humans. As I said earlier, adventure games EMPHASIZE the story! The better and more realistic your story is, the better the game! We decided that what our game needed was a few promo videos that were a little out of the ordinary. Here’s the one that we’ll be showing our students tomorrow morning. I’ll chat about the production a little bit in the comments– right now I have to go hide some Easter eggs for kids at my church!




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