I’ve blogged before about a great prize wheel for your computer (Spin That Wheel), but I just found one that just as good (and cheaper) to use on the iPad.  It’s called iPrizeWheel and it’s great fun.  It’s a customizable prize wheel that you can setup and run right from your iPad.  And using the mirroring function in iOS you can send it right to your TV for a larger screen experience.  The basic version gives you the choice of 16 or 24 spots on the wheel that you can put type in your own prizes.  It only costs $4.99 and you can upgrade in app to a premium version that gives you even more options. Learn more and see screen shots on iTunes.

Here’s video that shows how it works:

Here’s the contest part, the folks over at iPrizeWheel have given me 3 copies to give away to the YouthMinistryGeeks out there.  If you’d like to win a copy, in the comments tell us an idea to use the app in your ministry. On Wed April 11th, 2012 we’ll pick 3 to win copies of the basic version of iPrizeWheel plus we’ll post all the ideas for using it in your ministry.

Get iPrizeWheel on iTunes now:

iPrizeWheel HD - NRT Media, Inc.

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