Last week i was sitting in my room at the Simply Youth Ministry Conference and I thought it might be cool to dump my back pack and show you what I keep in there.

1. My Mac power chord
2. Retractable 6’ extension chord
3. Mini-DVI to VGA adapter
4. SHEMA Braclet ( Deuteronomy 6:4-6)
5. Power supply, three plugs and a USB charger in one
6. Two Headphone splitters
7. USB SD card reader
8. iPad pencil
9. Universal keychain remote
10. Five USB Thumb drives
11. 1 TB Western Digital USB powered hard drive
12. Post-it Note tabs
13. Micro USB Cable (and some change)
14. Pens (metallic silver writes on anything)
15. iPad/iPod charger
16. Elgato Eye TV USB dongle (made by Pinnacle)
17. Droid X (main cell phone)
18. iPod (80gb classic)
19. Droid (Original, backup when/if Droid X battery dies)
20. Notes to edit from a few messages I taught.
21. Two Chapstick tubes (Don’t know why there’s two), and Dramamine.
22. Targus Matrix backpack
23. Three packs of gum
24. Travel Kleenex
25. iPad
26. Letter from Doug Fields to 2009 SYMC speakers (I am not creepy, it just has good leadership insights)
27. Mac Book Pro, 2.8 GHz, Intel Core 2 Duo, 4GB, 1067MHz DDR3
28. iPad SD card reader
29. My business cards (Postcards).
30. Bose Comfort fit noise cancelation headphones
31. Three Note books; a Moleskin, a Dare2Share (Moleskin look-a-like), and the top one is from the Apple Store (yes, from the mother ship in Califirnia).
32. Some booklets from recent conferences and workshops (Gurus of Tech, Dare2Share, Willow Creek).

Chris is going to post his later this week, and we’d love to know what’s in your bag. Post your pictures or list in the comments or on our Facebook page.

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