OK, today was the big game, but I’m going to let other people that are much smarter talk abou the football side of things.  Let’s talk about the commercials, after all that’s why everyone watches, right?

In case you missed any, or you just decided you’d wait till later to see what the best were, here are a few places to catch-up:

YouTube Ad Blitz

Hulu AdZone

Between these two sites you can catch pretty much all the commercials from the game.

One of my favorite class of commercials is always the movie ones, and this year they got my little geek heart excited.  Here are a couple of the films we got our first looks at that I can’t wait to see:

Super 8

Captain America

The VW jedi one was pretty great too.

Also if you’d like to take the conversation with your students further, Walt Mueller over at CPYU put together a discussion guide that you can download from his blog.

What were your favorites?

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