I use my iPhone almost as much as I use my hands. It is a key part of how a live in the world, and the following is a short list of my goto apps. Though many of the developers have their own site, all of the links below are the iTunes preview page for the sake of consistency.

MapQuest (free) – About four years ago we got a deal on a dash mounted GPS with audible turn by turn directions for about $400. This is free and the only issue I have is it does not have a good HUD for when I’m driving. The voices are a bit mechanical, but who cares IT’S FREE!

Kayak (free) – Amazing implementation of travel shopping/search on a mobile device.

Tripit (free) – This is magical. Whenever I get a confirmation email from a hotel, airfare site, rental car, etc. I forward it to [email protected] and it scrapes the important information from the emails and presents it all in one app organized by trips (automatically detected trips). There is a pay version, but it is hard to imagine what else it could do.

Vlingo (Free & $9.99 for email and SMS) – This is one of many voice recognition apps. It is accurate and will text message, update my facebook status and send emails.

Keynote Remote ($0.99) – I use keynote for all my presentations, and this controls them with a simple flick. Either portrait with notes at the bottom or landscape with the current slide and the upcoming slide side-by-side. It works over wifi, so it has a GIANT range.

PixelPipe (free) – This is probably the single most used app I have. I set up any imaginable storage/hosting platform from MobileMe to blogs to flicker to Facebook to youtube… you name it. After deciding which locations to send as a default, I simply upload the media once and it goes to all of the places. The best part is, it uploads full quality photos and video.

Color Splash ($0.99) – This app is just fun to play with. It takes a photo and allows you to paint (with incredible accuracy by zooming) which parts are color and which are black and white. It takes a good picture and makes it great.

Remember the Milk (Free & $24.99/yr Pro) – We use this to share todo lists which means when I ask someone to do something, I can put it on their todo list. It has really helped communication between staff as it helps us remember to do what we said we would do.

Geocaching ($9.99) – This app makes Geocaching even easier. Geocaching is a global scavenger hunt using GPS coordinates. There are definitely some close by you. I love geocaching because it gets me active without having to join a team or gym and love this app because it means I can geocache whenever wherever.

Flixster (Free) – Perfect app to help you decide which movie to go see where. Gives you percentage positive and negative of critics reviews and user reviews as well as showtimes, trailers, etc.

Tozzle ($1.99) – My 3 year old loves this game. It is basically a virtual puzzle with 35 puzzles of varying difficulty. You can try two puzzles for free.