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January 6, 2009

Yesterday, several of the more “popular” people’s accounts on twitter were hacked including Barack Obama, Fox News, and Leo Laporte.  It appers to have been a problem with how they managed the admin privileges.  Leo Laporte has a great post about this as well as an interview with Twitter’s John Adams here.  The unedited video of that interview is here.


  1. John

    What’s even worse is the MacRumors incident today. Goodness…

  2. Chris

    They were kinda asking for it using a password as weak as “happiness”. I know people that fell for the Obama message that was sent out.

    And I agree John, the Macrumors hack today was crazy. I was watching their macworld coverage, and all this crazy stuff started coming in. It was too bad because it was the only live feed that I found that worked on my phone. I was stuck in a meeting and couldn’t watch the other coverage.


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